The skin’s functions follow 24-hour cycles called circadian rhythms. During the day, the skin defends itself against environmental aggressors;wind, sun, cold and pollution. At night it focuses on regeneration in preparation for the next day.  Overnight four important events take place, skin renewal, cell differentiation, microcirculation & restoration of the barrier function.  Studies have shown that the number of cell divisions reaches a maximum between midnight and 1am, and a minimum in the day between 12pm and 1pm. This change demonstrates that cell regeneration is much higher at night than during the day.  This is why I recommend that you practice a nighttime skin care regime; cleansing the skin, applying a good serum and night cream will allow your skin to have time to take in any active ingredients and regenerate. In the morning it is sufficient to cleanse, and apply a moisturising sun block.

Irregular or poor sleep quality can disrupt the balance of our circadian rhythms, resulting in drawn features, a dull complexion and uneven skin tone.   Busy lives, stress, shift work and family can all impact on our quality of sleep.   To make the most of your sleep establish a routine no matter what time you sleep at. If you are a shift worker do this routine when you come in from work before you sleep.

To improve your chances of sleeping avoid smartphone and tablet screens before bed, the blue light they emit has been proven to disrupt sleep.

Avoid stimulants from 5pm (or 5am if working overnight).

Relax!  Get into the habit of incorporating relaxation into your nightly routine.  Even 15 minutes of reading a book, having a bath, lighting a scented candle, practicing deep breathing or yoga can help you wind down and ensure you sleep well.   The reason we include candles in all of our our skincare boxes is that we really believe in this. By making your bedtime routine relaxing and enjoyable you will be more likely to stick with it and notice a real difference.


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